Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures Book Review ( @QoSPress )from @kleffnotes

Take to the skies and become part of a variety of mysterious and thrilling events with the sequel to Alex Acks’ Murder on the Titania, Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures. This new book returns readers to the world of Captain Marta Ramos and her crew through three connected stories set in Acks’ steampunk style universe. Even though this is a sequel, this book can be read first, but I would strongly recommend that you read the first book before hand since there are some references to previous mysteries that would be a bit spoiled by reading this installment first.

In this collection of three connected stories, readers follow are treated to a variety of adventures undertaken by Captain Ramos and her crew. The first story, “Blood in Elk Creek” focuses on Marta and a solo mission she has undertaken. While performing a flyover she is shot down in the Dead Plains. When she comes to she finds that her right arm is completely useless and she is remarkably injured. This only gets worse when she drinks from a contaminated stream and fears that her death will be imminent due to the terrible Infection. This disease, Infection, causes humans to turn into the living dead and as she sees the symptoms begin to present all seems lost. While her story is happening readers are also following Colonel Geoffrey Douglas, the man who frequently tries to arrest Marta, on his own mission to determine what is happening the Dead Plains.

As a minor spoiler, our dear Captain Ramos is in the other two stories as well, and when she meets with her second in command, Mister Simms, he regales her with a story of what happened while she was away. “Do Shut Up, Mister Simms,” is primarily told from the point of view of Simms, who found himself drawn into a scheme to save one his fellow crew members from the gaol, or jail for us non-Victorian living folks. While doing reconnaissance Simms and the rest of crew find themselves in the company of Captain Ramos’ “canoodling” companion Deliah Nimowitz. This evolves into a far more complicated event than just a jail break, but Simms does find himself having a bit of an adventure. The final story brings everyone back together for a high stakes rail adventure that shares the same title as the book, “Wireless.” I love all of the characters within Acks’ works. They create so many diverse identities and personalities that it is impossible not to find reason to love them all, even if they are the people trying to arrest Captain Ramos and her crew. I have also found this series to be one of the best steampunk works I have ever read. The world is so naturally done and the technology so easily blends with the Victorian aesthetic. If you love mysteries, especially those with a Sherlockian hero, you will love this book. You can order your copy of Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures today

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