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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

There is a public service announcement warning people of Los Angeles to be on the lookout as there has been an increase in mail box thefts with some occurring in broad daylight.
Wainwright Home, Arlington Virginia. Amanda (Jessica Lundy) is packing for a trip to Los Angeles. She and Mitch (Terry Serpico) are serving as consultants on a television show about postal inspectors and the producers want the actors’ portrayals to be as accurate as possible as the show is set in DC. She reminds Preston (Bret Green) that it will just be for a few days. After Amanda leaves, Noah (Harrison Knight) enters.  He is posting a photo of himself dressed for a wedding he is attending. Noah asks Preston whether he (Preston) minds that Noah asked Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) to be his plus one. Bret doesn’t mind; he didn’t want to attend a wedding of people he doesn’t know. Veronica enters with her dog Marge. It seems V’s parents are out of town and her dog sitter bailed. Preston agrees to watch Marge while Noah and Veronica are at the wedding.  Preston sits Marge on the couch and reminds her not to chew anything (except if it’s Noah’s) But when Preston leaves for his physical therapy appointment, he fails to notice that he left the door opened.
Mitch and Amanda arrive at the United States Postal Service in Los Angeles and comment how much it looks like their DC branch. They meet actors Sam and Julie who will be playing inspectors on the show. Sam is interested in learning about the postal crimes that are trending. Later as Sam returns to his apartment complex, her notices his mailbox his been broken into. “Man, I hate when life imitates art,” he says. Sam returns back to the United States Postal Service in Los Angeles and tells the postal inspectors there and Mitch and Amanda about his mailbox robbery. While the LA branch work on the crime, Sam and Julie join Mitch and Amanda for a ride-a-long. Mitch and Amanda put vests on the actors, which Sam says is too tight. Mitch tells Sam and Julie that the ride-a-long will go into the evening. But Julie has another shoot and can’t be there. Sam is interested when he learns the postal inspectors will be staking out his neighborhood as they may catch the preps who robbed his mailbox.
At the wedding, Noah is posting photos to Buddy Friendz. Veronica talks about how she and Preston should have never started dating because she wasn’t ready then and was worried about ruining their friendship. Veronica adds she misses Preston. She doesn’t know it but Noah was mistakenly recording her confession.
Preston panics when he returns home, can’t find Marge and sees the front door cracked opened. “Veronica’s going to kill me,” he says. Then, Preston goes to post on Buddy Friendz about Marge being lost. He sees all the blurred wedding photos Noah posted to social media and hears part of a video where Veronica said “Preston and I should have never started dating.” He is crushed. When Noah returns from the wedding, Preston tells him that Marge is missing. But that’s not the only thing Preston is upset about. He plays the video for his friend. Although not wanting to but into something that is none of his business, Noah tells Preston he didn’t see the whole video. But before Waldman plays it, Noah makes Preston promise to come clean to Veronica about what he saw. Preston is happy once he hears Veronica admitting she cares for him.
Amanda gives Sam the script Mitch wrote to read while they are on the stakeout. As Mitch feels uncomfortable having Sam read the script while in the car with him (Mitch), Sam goes and sits on a bench outside the post office. Due to him wearing an old man costume from a play he was in, Sam actually looks like an old man reading. Suddenly, two men dressed in black and wielding a crowbar attempt to break into a mailbox. As from where they are sitting they can’t see the crime, Sam calls Amanda. The post inspectors spring into action. And Sam aids Mitch and Amanda by using his old man’s cane to trip one of the preps trying to get away. It helps to be a method actor.
Wainwright Home, Arlington Virginia. Preston is about to admit to Veronica about her words on the video when she notices his leg tapping. Preston says he must be nervous. Is Preston closer to regaining the use of his legs?
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