Fur and Fangs Book Review ( @RaeDMagdon @DesertPalmPress ) from @kleffnotes

Riley is a people watcher and that desire to see lots of interesting passersby was one of the reasons she felt drawn to New York City. The hustle and bustle is not just your average collection of locals and tourists, but is rather a hodgepodge of humans and supernatural creatures, one of whom is Riley. That’s right Riley is a werewolf and one morning on her way to work she catches sight of a vampire that takes her breath away, Izzy. After hemming and hawing for a couple days she finally works up the courage to approach this vibrant vampire and sparks start to fly from the start in Fur and Fangs.

What I love about Fur and Fangs is the way that supernatural creatures are the norm in the world surrounding our main characters. There are humans around and mentions are made to them, but they aren’t the default population. Riley has been unlucky in love since her teenage years in a small town in Georgia. Girls she dated haven’t been able to handle the fact that as a werewolf she sometimes gets a little furry outside of the full moon and she’s even had to deal with people looking to mark hooking up with a werewolf off of there sexual conquests list. When she and Izzy meet things get hot and heavy between them pretty quickly. Izzy was turned only twenty years ago and only two years after she turned with her partner the two broke up. She hasn’t really been dating since then, but Riley is special. Both women have found something passionate and accepting in the arms of the other and Fur and Fangs highlights this love and passion throughout.

The story of Izzy and Riley isn’t just about romance, but it is also about opening up and also moving on. Izzy has found herself dealing with the sore spot of her previous romance with Natasha, the vampire who turned her, and the fact that after that time she neglected parts of herself that she hopes to return to. Riley is just trying to become comfortable in her own skin. She hasn’t felt able to be open about being a werewolf and you can tell that beyond that she is subconsciously worried about her accent. In conversations she tries to change her speech patterns and make her sentences more Northern instead of Southern. With Izzy she is also considering exploring her gender identity. While it isn’t immediately mentioned, Riley wears a binder and has previously considered whether trans or some other identifier would fit better. This leads to a discussion of pronouns and for the sake of this article she and her were used as that is how the character was originally introduced and I don’t want to take away readers enjoyment of Riley’s process over the course of the series. The book being reviewed here specifically collected Issues 1-10 of the Fur and Fangs series. You can find out more about Fur and Fangs and author Rae D. Magdon on the Desert Palm Press website.

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