QueerX Day One Feature ( @REVRYTV )from @kleffnotes

The 4th annual QueerX  kicked off last night at Whisky A Go Go with the headliner, Brooke Candy and her RuPau’s Drag Race alumni backup dancers, Laganja Estranja and Gia Gunn, with Jordy and Davy Boi, as well as some other surprise guests. The queer music, film, and industry festival continues today and tomorrow at The London Hotel West Hollywood with competition screenings, panels, and the Revry Summer Preview. For those attending as well as those who wish they were I will be highlighting some of the projects that will be screening each day of the two day event.

Saturday’s Centerpiece Screening is the LA premiere of the YouTube Original documentary, State of Pride, which stars Raymond Braun and is directed by two time Academy Award winners Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. This work examines the meaning of Pride for young people fifty years after the Stonewall Riots by following Braun, noted as a preeminent activist of his generation by OUT Magazine, on a road trip through big cities and rural towns throughout the United States. Over the course of his journey he interviews people that mark Stonewall as a pivotal point in their own journey. While that is the focus for the evening, during the day there are a number of other screenings taking place that fall within a variety of genres.

The first screening block focuses on documentaries and includes Precious Stones, Double Lucky, Ma’MaQueen, and Linish. Double Lucky and Ma’MaQueen are both from director Esme Van Loon and focus on completely different topics. The first is an examination of queer parenting and in these same sex parenting units the partners are called pink parents. Her other feature focuses on a drag queen and includes some stunning visuals. The next block of the day focuses on dramas including The T, a series focused on best friends and former lovers, Jo and Carter, a trans woman and a queer Black man respectively, searching for love, sex, and connection in Chicago. The series Link will keep you guessing from the very start with what appears like an almost horror movie scene opening up the drama about figuring out what you want in love and relationships.

Rounding out the daytime screenings are comedies, which include both series and shorts. One of my top suggestions is Michael and Michael Are Gay, which is just hilariously inappropriate. If you aren’t at QueerX you can even find this series on YouTube. Magic H8 Ball pulls zero punches when one man goes to an STD clinic and spends the rest of the day having the time of his life after after realizing his boyfriend cheated on him with the help of a very interesting Magic 8 Ball. New Neighbors focuses on a queer female couple who are skeptical about their new neighbors, but when they meet them things are definitely not what they imagined. Beyond screenings today includes Pitchfest and panels, including The Business of Inclusive Storytelling, which features Ben Cary Jones, Deniese Davis, and Ryan O’Connell.

You can find out more about QueerX on the official event website.

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