Djinn: Cursed Book Review from @kleffnotes

Erik Schubach may have completed his Urban Fairytales series, but his New Sentinels series delves into the worlds of the supernatural in a way that feels reminiscent of his previous series. In the first book, Djinn: Cursed he introduces us to Angelina Drake who finds her twenty-first birthday taking a surprising turn when she learns that a curse plagues her family and that she is the latest victim. If you are missing the women of lore from Schubach’s previous series or looking for a new series to delve into this book is a great introduction to a new world.

Angelina Drake is celebrating her birthday and suddenly finds herself being able to hear all the wishes of people around her and one such wish leaves her with wings. The curse she is under spans back generations and began when the first Djinn terrorized the world. When an old evil appears Angelina will have to fight, not just for herself, but for everyone she cares for in her life. With all of this new strangeness in her life she will need to find some help from new friends in order to break the curse and save everyone it puts in danger. The start of this book is a perfect pull in with Angelina plummeting to the ground below with her assumed death looming below her. With this as a teaser to everything to come readers should not be surprised by the twists and turns that will appear as the rest of the story evolves. Angelina, also called Angel, and her friends might be out for a night on the town, but dangerous men are after them and beyond that one of these men is the reason she suddenly has wings.

Even though she might suddenly be different, Angel meets a woman named Dorian who is willing to help her. Their relationship in the book is sweet and showcases a great deal of understanding as Angelina realizes that Dorian can see things that aren’t there. She initially thinks that perhaps Dorian is experiencing hallucinations, but learns that the voices and things she sees are actually the dead. This actually allows for a character to stay around far longer in the book, which is a nice touch. I enjoyed this new story by Schubach and found it to still contain some of my favorite elements of the Urban Fairytales series, but to still have a distinct flair that makes it entirely new and different. As with all of his stories the level of queer female representation is great and if you are looking for a fun supernaturally inspired read this is something you need to check out. You can get Djinn: Cursed today.

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