Adam Driver #StarWars SNL Skit

This past Saturday, Adam Driver, a lead in the biggest Star Wars film to date hosted Saturday Night Live. There were many funny skits, but the best was the one he did acting as an undercover boss (like the show with the same name) as his character in the Star Wars universe. Spoiler alerts in the video for anyone who has somehow not yet seen the film. Continue reading “Adam Driver #StarWars SNL Skit”

I Have the Force and Spoilers: A Star Wars Review

The Force was with me yesterday as I was able to get tickets to the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. It was an out of this world experience and I am going to tell you all about it. So in case you haven’t already figured it out, there are going to be SPOILERS, but not all the SPOILERS. Go see the movie for the rest of them. Read at your own risk if you haven’t yet watched the movie though. Continue reading “I Have the Force and Spoilers: A Star Wars Review”