New Year’s Eve Ideas from @kleffnotes

2018 is drawing to a close and if you are spending your evening by yourself or with others I thought I’d share some suggestions for how to celebrate the day in some capacity. No matter what your day looks like with the year ending there are a number of ways you can ring in a new year, even if you aren’t actually up or free at midnight. Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Ideas from @kleffnotes”

Christmas Episode Highlights from @kleffnotes

This year I thought I would focus on some more recent holiday themed things to watch instead of delving into my list of classics. I tried to keep everything pretty recent, though some I know are at least a year old, but I happened to have just watched them this year. Continue reading “Christmas Episode Highlights from @kleffnotes”

Last Minute Gift Ideas from @kleffnotes

Surprise it is the day before Christmas! Because Christmas Eve fell on a Monday you totally forgot to grab something your family get together or your friend’s party or you thought you’d ship your folks something and you suddenly find yourself in a situation even Prime can’t fix. I have some quick and easy suggestions to get your loved ones something right on time. Continue reading “Last Minute Gift Ideas from @kleffnotes”

LGBTQ+ Holiday Shopping Guide from @kleffnotes

It’s December 1st which means the holiday shopping season is definitely upon us. Now regardless of what you celebrate, if you even celebrate at all, this time of year always feels like it involves gift giving in some capacity. This year I wanted to highlight some LGBTQ+ connected sites that you can find things that are perfect for anyone in your life. These are listed in no particular order, though somehow they are unintentionally in alphabetical order, and I recommend checking out each of the sites, even if you aren’t in a shopping mood right this minute. Continue reading “LGBTQ+ Holiday Shopping Guide from @kleffnotes”

It’s October so Let’s Celebrate the Holidays: A Movie Review from @kleffnotes

To celebrate the beginning of October I took to Netflix in the search of a scary movie. I’ve been adding movie after movie to my queue and now was the time to start watching. Holidays is an anthology style film, with mini movies devoted to a variety of holidays, hence the title. Once I started this movie I was not let down by the horrific holiday horrors. Continue reading “It’s October so Let’s Celebrate the Holidays: A Movie Review from @kleffnotes”