Interview With Lisa and Terri of @SistersAlchemy1 Discussing Soap Making via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228

Terri Garber and her sister Lisa Rubenstein have something special.  These ladies have gone into the soap making business, creating a product that has already received rave reviews from buyers.
Here Terri and Lisa talk about soap making, how they chose the name Sisters Alchemy and why they think their soaps are worth a try. Read below for more.
How did you become interested in soap making?
Terri : “My sister started me. She asked me to come over and help her. I was immediately addicted. We started doing it daily and experimenting with what works well for our bodies. We want to try and keep things organic.”
Lisa : “I wanted to make some natural soaps and toothpastes for holiday gifts. I read a lot about it on various blogs, Pinterest, and soaping forums and thought – why not? There is so much information out there that one can learn to do just about anything.”
 How do you come up with the fragrances for your soaps?
Terri : “I cut a bunch of paper into long strips and put some scents on the papers and write their names. That way I can mix and match. Some have become very popular like the Dream Bar. This is made of lavender and vanilla. I usually add some Bergamot.”
Lisa : “Terri has been really working with the fragrances – she adds the essential oils to little strips of paper and groups various combinations.  She has a real knack for it!”
I have been looking for ways to make unscented soaps fragrant with the ingredients themselves – for instance – rather than just using olive oil I will use a lavender infused olive oil.  I have loads of jars of oils that have things like black pepper corns, lavender buds, cardamon, etc that have been infusing for months!   Both of us seem to be working very instinctually.”
How did you choose the name, Sisters Alchemy?  Where there any other names you were thinking of?
Terri : “Lisa came up with the name.”
Lisa : “We knew we wanted it to have a lot to do with us as sisters. Alchemy really describes the process of soap making itself – the combination of lye and fats transforms into an entirely new thing – and both the lye and the fats cease to exist – in their place is there is now soap.
When we were very young we were crazy about the notion of witchcraft, spells, and energies – so the name SistersAlchemy was pretty perfect.”
What do you like best about the process of soap making?
Terri : “I feel creative doing it. It takes concentration. Sort of a science. Plus my house smells gorgeous because of the oils.”
Lisa : “The experimenting, the learning, and the surprises.  My favorite thing in the world is waking up in the morning and doing ’The Reveal” – which is un-molding and cutting the soap I made the day before.”
Why do you think people should buy your soaps?
Terri : “Our soaps are pure and all natural – they are creamy and bubbly. They also moisturize our bodies. Lisa is experimenting with various bars. She’s made one for a dog that’s fantastic.”
Lisa :  “Because they’re cheap – haha! We really never expected to be doing this – Terri just started posting them on Facebook and everyone wanted to by them.  And soon enough we both needed to unload a lot of soap to make room for more. Five bucks a bar – not bad!
People are really responding to the natural and handmade aspect of our soaps – this is really important to a lot people.  Our soaps are clearly home made, handmade, and completely natural – right down to the packaging which is just freezer paper tied up with string and the list of ingredients written by hand.  And they do smell divine!
 If interested in purchasing,check out Sisters Alchemy website:
Photos Courtesy of Sisters Alchemy
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9 thoughts on “Interview With Lisa and Terri of @SistersAlchemy1 Discussing Soap Making via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228

  1. I have bought 15 bars and I will tell you that every bar is such a wonderful scent but the best is there is no residue on my body from thexsoap. Its soapy and rinses clean with a great scent., I will continue to purchase these soaps and I have also given some away because I want others to see what real homemade soap is suppose to be like. Thanks to the sistersalchemy I feel and smell wonderful.


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