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Today is National Superhero Day.  Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the superheroes of our television shows.

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@StitchersTV Recap: The Dying Shame from @kleffnotes

A murdered Chinese pop star, an unconscious bodyguard, and the return of the red hatted boy were all crucial to last night’s episode of Stitchers on Freeform. Not only that, but there are ships in peril in the stormy Stitcher seas that I really need to discuss with you lovely people. Let’s get to the recap, and the armada of feels. Continue reading “@StitchersTV Recap: The Dying Shame from @kleffnotes”

Supernatural nominated for a Hugo Award via @tdmiller820917 @dicksp8jr @jennydelherpes

The CW’s Supernatural has been nominated for a 2016 Hugo Award in the category of Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) for the episode “Just My Imagination” written by Jenny Klein and directed by Richard Speight, Jr.

Speight made his Supernatural directorial debut with this episode. Viewers were first introduced to Speight in the Season 2 episode “Tall Tales” where he appeared as the character of Trickster. In the Season 5 episode “Changing Channels,” the Trickster was revealed to be the archangel Gabriel.

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@LuciferonFOX Finale Recap: Take Me Back to Hell from @kleffnotes

The finale of Lucifer season one was this week and it picked up right where last week’s episode ended. Lucifer is surrounded by armed police officers, with Chloe in the lead. This situation doesn’t go down well, Lucifer starts laughing and even attempts to sway a rookie into shooting him because he thinks Chloe has stopped believing in him. Oh no, not in the “you are totally the devil” sort of belief, but the “you are capable of being good” kind of belief. There’s a gust of wind and suddenly Lucifer is gone, keep reading to find out what else happened in this intense finale. Continue reading “@LuciferonFOX Finale Recap: Take Me Back to Hell from @kleffnotes”

Wild @LuciferonFOX Finale Speculations from @kleffnotes

Tonight is the Lucifer finale on Fox at 9 pm and I thought that I would share some of my thoughts about what might go down in the finale. We got some pretty interesting hints in the previews for this week and based on those, and things that have gone down this season, these are things I’m hoping could happen. Continue reading “Wild @LuciferonFOX Finale Speculations from @kleffnotes”