@dark_matterTV Recap: Going Out Fighting from @kleffnotes

After Two passing out last week, I was not expecting the scenes that started this episode of Dark Matter. I mean I knew Four and Nyx were getting close, but I hadn’t realized they were at sexy times close. Apparently Three has even noticed them getting hot and heavy, in the training room! Though he totally knows they’ve had sex after that weird dining hall interaction. Five leaves to avoid further awkward breakfast talk, which leads us back to Two. Continue reading “@dark_matterTV Recap: Going Out Fighting from @kleffnotes”

@netflix ‘s @Stranger_Things Is A Hit via @erinwise82 #StrangerThings #Netflix #TheDufferBrothers

Netflix’s Stranger Things has taken the world by storm. ***SPOILER FREE***

The Duffer Brothers have created a classic that will most definitely last for decades. It’s right up there with ET, The Goonies, Lost Boys, Stand By Me, Firestarter, and many many more cult classics. Even paying homage to some of the those and other movies. To top it off, they couldn’t have chosen a better cast, especially the kids. Continue reading “@netflix ‘s @Stranger_Things Is A Hit via @erinwise82 #StrangerThings #Netflix #TheDufferBrothers”

@RealNickiAycox Happy First Birthday to #RedVelvetRoom via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural

When Oklahoma native Nicki Aycox was growing up, music played an important part in her life. The veteran actress and celebrated musician has revealed in interviews that musical greats like Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson, and Stevie Nicks were some of her favorites. Further, she confessed a love for Edith Piaf. The dramatic aspect of Piaf’s styling no doubt profoundly influenced Aycox.

Continue reading “@RealNickiAycox Happy First Birthday to #RedVelvetRoom via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural”