@ClexaCon Countdown: Hello #Hollstein! from @kleffnotes

Are you ready for Hollstein?! This year Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman are returning for a Hollstein panel, moderated by Dana Piccoli, and my hopes are super high. Last year’s panel involved both actors presenting female/female scenes that Dana had picked and they were just so amazing. They were so willing to fully embrace the scenes and I am very sure that there will be more fun moments this year.

Hollstein is such a major ship for me and is actually the only reason I even went to the first ClexaCon. I had not heard about ClexaCon until January of 2017 when KindaTV promoted the fact that Elise and Natasha would both be there. I weighed my options and determined whether I could get the days off at work and decided I needed to be there. At the time I wasn’t sure if either actor would be in the United States again, primarily because the movie had yet to be announced and I thought Carmilla was ending. I made sure to pay for autographs and also Periscoped the entire Hollstein panel, as well as the Almost Adults Q&A panel that happened right before it. While I love Hollstein and the happy relationship they have, Elise and Natasha are just such exceptional women that being able to watch them talk about their work is just so captivating.

The autograph sessions gave me a brief chance to talk with them. I may have chatted Elise’s ear off about some of her previous series and her time in Las Vegas. Natasha I will sadly say I was super awkward with and wound up asking about how she got the superglue off of her finger in the KindaTV video that posted earlier that week. Yep, I am exceptionally great at conversation sometimes. I am not only a huge fan of Carmilla, but I also just love KindaTV and am hoping that they will be shooting some content for the channel at ClexaCon this year. If they don’t that is totally understandable, but I am holding out hope that they will make an appearance. After the two panels with Natasha and Elise last year I am very excited to see them again and I am going to practice being a better conversationalist. I will be doing a photo-op with them and I am going to maintain my chill level as best as I can. Hope to see you in the Hollstein panel Creampuffs, I can’t wait!

For more information about ClexaCon and the panels and workshops make sure to check out their official site.

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