The Bi Line: Alice & Iza @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes

For my second Tello Films feature of the month I’ve actually chosen something you’ll be able to see at ClexaCon. As part of the Film Festival they will be screening their short, Alice & Iza. Both leads, much like with Nikki & Nora, have been announced as featured guests for ClexaCon 2019. Mandahla Rose plays Iza and is a returning ClexaCon guest and Guinevere Turner will be there for her first year and plays Alice. This short includes a number of other faces you might recognize including Bridget MacManus, Karmen Kregloe, and so many more.

In the short, Alice has been divorced for a year and on the one year anniversary of the split she agrees to go to a brunch that leads her into the arms of Iza. The younger free spirit and the reserved divorcee might seem like an unlikely pair, but there is something that draws them together. When it opens we see Alice and Iza in bed together and the two are recounting how they met and what led them to where they are now. As their stories progress we get to see both sides of how they met and how they each remember it happening. While Iza is calling it a night, Alice has decided to head home and through some very smooth flirting Iza winds up at Alice’s place.

Even though Alice & Iza is a short, there is a lot of plot and great acting packed into it. Mandahla Rose is very open in her role and I will warn you that the opening scene is a bit NSFW because Rose is topless. Turner embraces a happiness around Iza that still seems restrained, which fits perfectly with her reserved character. The support performances are delightfully hilarious, particularly both of the drivers that wind up driving the characters around. You can watch Alice & Iza on Tello Films now and if you are attending ClexaCon 2019 you’ll be able to see it during the Film Festival. Not only can you watch it there, but Christin Baker, Bridget MacManus, Guinevere Turner, Mandahla Rose, and Karman Kregloe will be in attendance.

You can find out more details about ClexaCon and the Film Festival on their official website.

You can also find more The Bi Line articles on our site that are full of LGBTQ+ topics.

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