Fandom to Fantasy Vol 2 @SapphireBooks Review from @kleffnotes

Last year I reviewed the first volume of Fandom to Fantasy from Sapphire Books and this year while at ClexaCon I was able to pick up the second volume. This two volume set was released in 2018 in partnership with ClexaCon and focuses on stories set in convention settings. I enjoyed the first volume and honestly had meant to pick up the second one far earlier than this year. Fans, fan fiction, and fantasy all come together in these stories focuses on queer lovers and their passions for each other and their fandoms.

I love short stories and whenever I can pick up an anthology about a topic I’m interested in I am always pleased. The ability to see a number of different styles of writing and experience a number of stories all in one place makes my heart happy and allows me to indulge in what I love most about reading, meeting new characters. Fandom to Fantasy as a whole hits not only on my love of media and the love of fans, but also allows me to see a number of romances between queer women. The second volume of Fandom to Fantasy begins with what turned out to be one of my favorite stories, “The Panties.” This specific story has such fun characters and the story itself had me smiling the entire time. Alex and her best friend Lindsay are headed to a convention in Los Angeles where the stars of Alex’s favorite web series, Lesbian Pirates of the Caribbean( a show I would totally watch) will be. Skylar James is one of those stars and when she and Alex happen to meet sparks and panties fly. The dialogue in this story was both hilarious and sweet and the friendship and romance that are present are both so well established that I would really love to see more of these characters.

“All In” was another sweet story where two women who met online and are able to spend time in person decide to take the plunge. Their quick romance emphasizes the connection they had already built and the kiss at the fountains, which is indeed a very romantic place for it, was beautifully well done. One of the stories not technically set at a convention spoke to my comic book nerd heart. In “Friday” Rivi is stuck working all day at her dad’s comic book store and the day hasn’t exactly been the greatest. She is completely taken by surprise when a woman inadvertently knocks her off her feet. The two start talking about her favorite comic and as they start connecting this mystery woman invites Rivi to a drink. While just that would be a great meet cute, it turns out that this woman is actually far more connected to the comics they are talking about than Rivi could have guessed. If you haven’t read the Fandom to Fantasy books yet and are a fan of anything you will love these stories. They not only include a number of sweet romantic moments, but they are also full of the passions of fans. These are just some of my top picks from volume two, but I can promise the entire book is well worth it. You can find both volumes of Fandom to Fantasy on the Sapphire Books website as well as a number of other great reads.

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