Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes

Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 from Sapphire Books was created in partnership with ClexaCon, who helped with their call for submissions and hosted a release party at this year’s convention. In this anthology the writers all share romantic stories focused on connections made either at convention or through fandoms. No matter what fandom you are a part of there is a story for you within this book.

While each of the stories within Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 are great reads, I breezed through this book much faster than I anticipated because I was enjoying all of the stories so much, I want to focus on my top three favorites. The first of these stories is, “The Oldest Convention Goer” by Karen Frost. In this story we are introduced to a character who is only referred to as Amma by her granddaughter. This woman has never been to a convention and fears that she is too old to understand what is going on, but because of her granddaughter’s insistence she has decided to come. As she experiences the convention, which is written to be much like ClexaCon, she begins to see all of the love in the room and reflects back on a love she once had. There had been a woman she cared about and truly loved, but at the time this love was difficult and while she would love her forever, they could not stay together. The ending of the story is so beautiful and the moments between the grandmother and granddaughter are so sweet. Frost focuses not on an immediate love, but rather a bond of love that cannot be broken.

In “Season Finale” by Virginia Black, we are introduced to two women who dress as lovers from a popular television series and always meet at conventions. They never plan when they will meet, but when they do they reenact scenes from the show in front of their adoring fans. Beyond these moments the women have their own reenactments that take place outside of the convention area and within the privacy of one of their rooms. What is wonderful about this story is the ending, while Black does a great job of writing the lust between these two women at the convention, the true connection they have near the end of the story is so sweet. “Risen Phoenix” by Akemy “Curly” Ortiz also focuses on two women who happen to be dressed as a non-canonical couple from a popular television show. What is shocking to these women is that they did not plan to be dressed as the couple at the same time or for their outfits to constantly work perfectly together. While one of them is immediately struck by desire their interactions are less than perfect and involve not one, but two water related accidents. The two women slowly begin to connect and before the convention ends they have plans to see each other again. The time jump in this story is wonderful and I was so glad that Ortiz included it because I loved the relationship between these two women. Again all of the stories in Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 are fantastic and if you love fandom this is the perfect anthology for you. You can find it for sale on the Sapphire Books website.

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