#GH ‘s Eden McCoy (Josslyn) Will Lipton (Cameron) and Sydney Mikayla (Trina) Answered Questions on Facebook Live Event 6/26/19 via @stacyamiller85 @RealEdenMccoy @LiptonWilliam @SydneyMikayla @GeneralHospital #GH56

If you are a fan of General Hospital ‘s Eden McCoy (Josslyn),Will Lipton (Cameron) and Sydney Mikayla (Trina), the place to be on June 26, 2019 at 1:30PMET/10:30AMPT was on Facebook as they participated in a live Facebook event!

Eden McCoy, Will Lipton and Sydney Mikayla took time from their busy General Hospital shooting schedules to answer questions about Josslyn, Cameron and Trini.

Thank you Eden, Will and Sydney for giving General Hospital fans a special Wednesday treat!

If you missed any of the event, check in out:

Photo and Video Courtesy of General Hospital Facebook

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39 thoughts on “#GH ‘s Eden McCoy (Josslyn) Will Lipton (Cameron) and Sydney Mikayla (Trina) Answered Questions on Facebook Live Event 6/26/19 via @stacyamiller85 @RealEdenMccoy @LiptonWilliam @SydneyMikayla @GeneralHospital #GH56

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