Happy Birthday Kathleen Gati, A Dynamic Performer via @stacyamiller85 @gatitweets @GeneralHospital #GH #GH57

On August 13th Kathleen Gati celebrates her birthday.

Gati is a talented and seasoned performed with a career running the gamut of playing intriguing and unique characters. General Hospital fans know her as Dr. Liesa Obretch, a woman whose intelligence and obsession place her on the wrong side of the law numerous times. But to call Obretch a villain would be an understatement. Due to Kathleen Gati’s performance, Liesa has multiple shades to her personality leaving you asking the question “Who is the real Obretch?”

A Emmy nominated actress (most recently for A Mermaid for Christmas), Kathleen Gati brings her “A” game to every role she’s cast. With her assuming the skin of a character, you know you’ll get scenes full of conflict and emotion.

Video Courtesy of Whisper Films Ltd

On this your birthday Kathleen, I wish you continued success in your career and much happiness in your life.

Photo Courtesy of IMDB

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