Did You Miss the #SDCC @Netflix #Daredevil Trailer? via @quietlikeastorm

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#SDCC #Marvel Exclusive News and Trailers #DoctorStrange, #AgentsofShield, #Thor, #GotG and #BlackPanther via @quietlikeastorm

Marvel has also been busy at SDCC this year. There are not as many trailers as DC, but that is because many of the movies, sadly, do not come out until 2018. Read below to find out all about them though.

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#SDCC DC Comic Exclusive Trailers, See Them All Here! #WonderWoman #JusticeLeague #SuicideSquad and #LEGOBatman via @quietlikeastorm

Everyone has been going crazy for the new trailers being released during Comic-Con this year. To help ease in finding them and having a nerdgasm; I have compiled all the DC Entertainment ones together. Watch below for the amazing first look at Wonder Woman, the new Justice League movie where we finally get a good glimpse of the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, get a crazy new trailer of Suicide Squad featuring more of Harley, Joker and all your other favorite bads and finally the all too hilarious LEGO Batman coming out.

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#Damien Finale ‘Ave Satani’ Proves that @AETV should #RenewDamien via @quietlikeastorm

Throughout all my reviews of the first season of Damien, I have maintained that it is a very smart horror show. It wasn’t about the blood and guts that is so popular in today’s horror and it wasn’t about the jump scares and screaming attractive teenagers of yesteryear either. Damien has been able to not only bring in the best of those elements, but also make something entirely its own. It was hard for many to wrap their heads around it at first. They wanted it spoon fed to them. Why think about an antichrist that has a conscience and may not want to do this or even believe it, when he could be out taking over the world already? Now, now, now. I like that showrunner Glen Mazzara and his writers rejected this and instead brought us the thinker that is Damien.

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What has #Damien been up to? @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm

I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated any on Damien. That’s because real life got in the way with illness and work. Boo hiss. Now it’s almost the finale and I need to play catch up-fast! So here is my review of episodes six and seven. Tomorrow will be episodes eight and nine. Enjoy beasties.

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