The Power of Mercy Book Review and Kickstarter News ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes

I’ve reviewed books from Ylva Publishing in the past and even did a feature on their books earlier this year as part of a series of ClexaCon related features. While at the convention I had the opportunity to pick up more of their books and found out about an amazing project they are undertaking. They have recently launched a Kickstarter to turn one of their books, The Power of Mercy, into a graphic novel. This is the first book in a series focused on a badass lesbian superhero of color, which is something that we definitely need more of in the world of superheroes. Continue reading “The Power of Mercy Book Review and Kickstarter News ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Sunstone and Sexy Escapades from @kleffnotes

I love frequenting my local comic book shop, not just because it is great to be in a physical space full of nerdy things, but because the staff are so great. They frequently suggest reads for me when I come in, which is great for fulfilling my quest for comic knowledge even if it isn’t great for my wallet. During one of my visits two of the people there mentioned there was a book they thought I’d like. They showed me the first volume of Sunstone and insisted that while the book was pretty steamy, that the plot was so good that they frequently recommended it to their over 18 readers. This first book set me down a path of discovery and excitement and I fell completely head over heels for the world of Sunstone. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Sunstone and Sexy Escapades from @kleffnotes”

To Be Or Not To Be? With Arledge Comic’s New Shakespearean Anthology via @kleffnotes

“Kingdom is a testament to the incredible hard work done by the writers, artists, colorists, and letterers whose work fill its pages. Shakespeare inspired them, but they leapt beyond that and created masterpieces entirely their own.” — Jenn Arledge, Founder of Arledge Comics. Continue reading “To Be Or Not To Be? With Arledge Comic’s New Shakespearean Anthology via @kleffnotes”

Lumberjanes Comic Highlight from @kleffnotes

One of my favorite comics in this world is Lumberjanes, which might actually surprise some people. Typically I suggest a lot of darker and more mature reads, but this book is a fun and sweet tween read. All of the characters are technically within the tween age range, April even uses it in an argument with a sasquatch, which is not something you would see every day. At the Lumberjanes camp a group of five girls have been brought together as part of Roanoke cabin and their summer has been anything, but normal. Continue reading “Lumberjanes Comic Highlight from @kleffnotes”

Sparks: The Way I Was Comic Review ( @glenn_matchett ) from @kleffnotes

Glenn Matchett is back with a sequel to his P.I. focused comic Sparks, which I previously wrote about as well as a few other works by Matchett. What makes this addition a bit of a shift in tone is that fact that it gives us not only a current day murder, but also flashes back to show readers how Mel Sparks came to be where she is today. This gripping read will push you to embrace and understand what can happen when someone finds themselves pushed to the edge. Continue reading “Sparks: The Way I Was Comic Review ( @glenn_matchett ) from @kleffnotes”

Work for a Million Graphic Novel Feature from @kleffnotes

The first lesbian detective is coming back to life in the brand new adaptation of Eve Zaremba’s 1978 series starring the PI Helen Karemos. Based on the novel novel, Work for a Million, Amanda Deibert and Selena Goulding are creating a new graphic novel of the same name. As a lover of detective novels, comics, and LGBTQ+ stories I am ecstatic about this project. Continue reading “Work for a Million Graphic Novel Feature from @kleffnotes”

Arledge Comics Announces First Graphic Novel, The Great Witch Artemis via @kleffnotes

Arledge Comics returns with their second Kickstarter of 2019: The Great Witch Artemis. After six successful Kickstarter campaigns, ranging from ComixCentral award-winning Alex Priest to first-run anthology Trial Run, the indie comics publisher is preparing to kickstart their first graphic novel, The Great Witch Artemis. This graphic novel is written by first-time graphic novel writer, Bryce Beal (Gambling the Isles, upcoming My Kingdom for a Panel anthology), illustrated by Scott Malin (Alex Priest, The World’s Worst Bounty Hunter), and edited by Jenn Arledge (Alex Priest, Future Girl). The novel will include 78 black and white pages. Continue reading “Arledge Comics Announces First Graphic Novel, The Great Witch Artemis via @kleffnotes”

Strong Female Protagonist Comic Review from @kleffnotes

I saw Strong Female Protagonist at a bookstore and on a whim decided that I wanted to check this two book series out. This was one of the best decisions of my reading career. Yes, I’m saying I have a career in reading, I do a lot of reviewing which means that combined with pleasure reading seems like a career level amount of time. This series might focus on a former superhero, but it is nothing like your traditional superhero read. Continue reading “Strong Female Protagonist Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

Miskatonic High Comic Kickstarter from @kleffnotes

Two of my favorite things are the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft and comics and something amazing is bringing these topics together through the drama of high school. Miskatonic High recently kicked off their Kickstarter campaign to create print copies of their first issue. I was able to check out the first and second issue and wanted to share my spoiler free thoughts on the series and why you should support this comic. Continue reading “Miskatonic High Comic Kickstarter from @kleffnotes”