@ClexaCon London Small Panel YouTube Additions from @kleffnotes

After releasing some of their larger panels, ClexaCon posted a number of videos of their smaller panels from ClexaCon London. I took a bit of time to check out the new additions and wanted to share a bit about them with those who either couldn’t attend the convention or might have missed out on some of these panels. While the larger panels are always great, smaller panels help to focus more on specific issues and populations within the community that don’t always get discussed in the bigger rooms.I will admit that I did not always watch the videos, but I did at least listen to them. While I am sure I missed out on some fun visuals I was attempting to multitask, which meant I couldn’t devote my screen fully to the panels. I don’t want to delve into the details of every video so I have chosen to highlight the ones that I would have attended if I was at the convention myself. At each ClexaCon there is typically an LGBTQ Actresses panel and since this is a tradition I decided to check that one out first. My favorite element of this panel was when all of the actresses discusses fan interactions and how often fans have done kind things for them. I also want to note that the moderator discussed using actor instead of actress as it was a more inclusive term, which I wholeheartedly agreed with. The next panel I checked into was the Mental Health representation topic, which further emphasized that there are not as many examples of people within the queer umbrella with mental health issues in the media. Some of the panelists did have examples, but not every could think of a specific queer character. I actually plan to go back and listen to this one again because I feel like it would be beneficial.

In respect to specific portions of the community,  I Have a Que(e)ry discussed non-binary and gender fluid people and how they connect with the community. This panel highlighted a great deal of adversity and how those who do not identify within the binary are often excluded from queer spaces and female focused spaces. This knowledge is something that I believe everyone needs to hear as it is vitally important that we as a community ensure that everyone feels accepted in our spaces. The panel that I was most excited to watch/listen to was the Bisexual Representation panel. I attended a panel focused on this at the first ClexaCon, but due to scheduling I couldn’t attend the one at this year’s Vegas con. This panel definitely did not disappoint and one of my favorite bisexual icons, bicon if you will, Nicole Pacent shared a great deal about her journey and how she has recently allowed herself to also discuss being polyamorous. As someone who identifies as bi it is nice to be able to hear different people who identify in the same way share how they came to identify as bisexual. I also want to applaud the panelists for working to be inclusive of the pansexual community during the course of the panel and also discussing the definition of bi, which includes all people within the gender spectrum. You can find all of these panels and more on the ClexaCon YouTube channel.

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