S Word w/ Vanessa Lengies Review ( @KindaTV_ @littlelengies @soulpancake ) from @kleffnotes

After a massive hiatus, last month KindaTV streamed the SoulPancake series, S Word w/ Vanessa Lengies. KindaTV has done this sort of streaming for other sites before, Pot Luck was also a series that streamed on their site after an initial release on another platform. S Word fits very strongly within the mission of KindaTV and delves into topics of sexuality and gender. I thought I would share some of my thoughts about the series and the topics that it delves into.

Vanessa Lengies begins the series by being very open about her own feelings in connection to her gender and sexuality. For years she has felt uncomfortable and unsure of who she is because she has felt things that she couldn’t exactly put words to. Over the course of the series she meets with a number of people who help her put words to what she has been feeling. Lengies shares so much of herself throughout this series and is willing to try and meet with anyone to understand more and just grow her general knowledge base. What was even more interesting is that in the first episode we watch her meet with someone who will explain to her what she can and cannot do over the course of the series in accordance with the sensors. I had no idea that there was a certain level of shirt raising that was more appropriate with another.

By the end of the series, Lengies has a very solid definition and understanding of herself and pushes herself to have a very direct conversation with her partner. This piece is so important because she has been having issues trying to figure out how exactly to fully share her feelings with him about how she presents herself and who she loves. The motivation for her is so strong and she wants others to be able to feel comfortable with themselves and understand that there is nothing wrong with them even if they feel outside of the norm. You can find S Word w/ Vanessa Lengies on KindaTV.

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