Rose Society #1 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Rose Society #1 completed a successful Kickstarter and is now being sent out to backers. For those of you who may or may not have backed the comic I am here with a review of this curious comic. If you are a fan of stories that delve into secret societies and mysterious lives this is a series you should keep an eye on. Continue reading “Rose Society #1 Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

One of the most influential figures in gaming today, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is both star and one of the writers of the upcoming comic Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game. As someone with over 22 million subscribers on YouTube and 14.9 million followers of Instagram he is able to connect with audiences around the world doing what he loves, decimating the competition. In this new story involving a fictional version of Ninja viewers will be treated to a mysterious story involving a battle royale that has the fate of the world relying on it. Continue reading “Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes”

Geek-Girl #5 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Ruby Kaye is back! Geek-Girl #5 has been out for a little while and while I have reviewed so much of this series I was a little delayed into getting on this review. Ruby Kaye is a hero who never really planned to be a hero, but she has found herself thrust into the spotlight after winning a pair of power-inducing super-tech glasses. She has fought a number of villains, but in this story she faces one who is far less obvious in his villainy. Continue reading “Geek-Girl #5 Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Flame Con Kids Comics from @kleffnotes

This week I delve into some young reader comics that I picked up at Flame Con. This is one of my smaller round ups with just three books, two of them are part of the same series. I am a pretty diverse reader and I was excited to see comics for young readers since Flame Con does have a more casual vibe that a family could enjoy.

Continue reading “The Bi Line: Flame Con Kids Comics from @kleffnotes”

Strange Waters Kickstarter Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Strange Waters is currently being Kickstarted by Arledge Comics, which is a publisher that I have showcased on The Nerdy Girl Express a number of times. They provide diverse LGBTQ+ representation in their books, including one of my favorites Alex Priest. This new anthology was previously being made by Haunted Cosmos Press, but was purchased by Arledge Press because they saw a great deal of potential and wanted to help bring this book to life. This book is made entirely by queer creators and presents 15 stories with a focus on water. Continue reading “Strange Waters Kickstarter Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Even More Flame Con Comics from @kleffnotes

The Flame Con content just keeps coming! I did promise that there would be a lot of articles covering the comics and books I picked up at FlameCon and this week I am focusing on four graphic novels/anthologies. While I picked up a slew of different genre comics this week three of the four are a bit mystical. Let’s delve into more of my comics hoard from Flame Con 2019. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Even More Flame Con Comics from @kleffnotes”

Geek-Girl Crime War TPB Review from @kleffnotes

The Geek-Girl comics series is one I have covered on The Nerdy Girl Express a number of times and everyone’s favorite glasses wearing female superhero is back with a collected volume of the first four issues of the current storyline in Geek-Girl Crime War. This story includes a new character carrying the mantel of our title hero as well as a growing number of villains coming on the scene while Ruby tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life now. Continue reading “Geek-Girl Crime War TPB Review from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Flame Con Comics Wrap-Up #2 from @kleffnotes

This week’s Flame Con comic wrap-up includes a number of short or mini comics that again are from a variety of genres. Each of these books is a bit smaller than a standard comic and one is even pocket sized so you could carry it around with you and read it whenever you want. While I might not have links for everything keep an eye out for all of these comics online as many of these creators have other work or are part of other projects. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Flame Con Comics Wrap-Up #2 from @kleffnotes”

Sons of Chaos Comic Review from @kleffnotes

The lavishly illustrated over-sized graphic novel, Sons of Chaos, provides a powerful experience for readers taking them back to the shores of the Mediterranean in 1821 when a bloody revolution pushed to remove the Ottoman rulers out of power. Written by Chris Jaymes and illustrated by Ale Aragon focuses on the real life story of the Greek War of Independence. Marcos Botsaris escaped captivity, fell in love, and fiercely led Greece to revolution that shattered the Ottoman Empire and shaped Western civilization as we know it today. IDW Publishing has brought this to life in connection to the 200th anniversary of these events and allows readers to become part of the story through this book. Continue reading “Sons of Chaos Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

Science! @BedsidePress Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Bedside Press has recently been picked up for distribution through Diamond Book Distributors and to showcase this new partnership I will be reviewing two of their upcoming books. The first of these is Science!, which won’t be out until next year, but is something that science fiction fans will love. Not just that, but the main character is totally crushing on her roommate, who happens to be a girl. This mysterious comic has a little bit of everything for ever reader and that makes it such a great read. Continue reading “Science! @BedsidePress Comic Review from @kleffnotes”