Kleffnotes Guide to @ScreamQueens Season 2 Episode 1 from @kleffnotes

Scream Queens returned with season two and oh my gauze! I talk about the new characters and my thoughts on the season so far in my latest Kleffnotes Guide video. Continue reading “Kleffnotes Guide to @ScreamQueens Season 2 Episode 1 from @kleffnotes”

Scream Queens Finale Recap

The finale of Scream Queens aired last night and was a two hour, double episode crazy fest full of reveals. Technically the finale was Dorkus and Final Girl(s), but because it aired in a two hour block the titles aren’t crucial. Let’s hop into the extra long recap of the extra long finale. Continue reading “Scream Queens Finale Recap”

Let’s Share a Ghost Story with the Girls of Kappa House

Last night’s episode of Scream Queens was titled Ghost Stories. It should come as no surprise that ghosts and scary stories were the focus of this episode. Maybe don’t read this if you want to use the bathroom without being freaked out ever again. Though, who doesn’t like being scared, go ahead, keep reading, but definitely keep the lights on for this recap. Continue reading “Let’s Share a Ghost Story with the Girls of Kappa House”

All About Moms at Kappa House

Screams Queens presented an homage to Psycho last night in the episode Mommie Dearest. I had heard this episode hinted at in early interviews with Jamie Lee Curtis about the series. Her mother, Janet Leigh, is best known for her role as Marion Crane in the movie Psycho. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the movie, Marion is the character who dies in the shower. Tonight Jamie Lee was shown reenacting that scene in all of the promos leading up to this episode. Besides that, here’s everything else that happened in the episode.

Continue reading “All About Moms at Kappa House”

Slaughter at a Sorority Sleepover

It’s time for another Scream Queens Halloween episode recap. Tuesday’s episode Seven Minutes in Hell started right where last week’s ended. We are dropped back into the election with the Kappas voting with a pebble system. The election ends not with a bang, but a bit of a whimper, with Zayday and Chanel tying. According to Three this means that the two must run the sorority together as co-presidents. It turns out that Chanel threw a fit about losing to disguise the fact that she instead rigged the election to ensure that she wouldn’t have a target placed on her back, she pretty much calls herself a mob boss. Her entire plan is called “The Chanel Dies Last Plan,” which is a pretty easy plan to remember. Chanel gives Zayday a storage room key and pretty much hands over the reigns of Kappa leadership to her, making sure she doesn’t look like she’s running Kappa House at all. Continue reading “Slaughter at a Sorority Sleepover”

Pump, Pump, Pump It Up, In the Pumpkin Patch

Angels peeing vodka and red bull, yes, that’s a thing and Chanel wants it in her pumpkin patch. Scream Queens started off their second Halloween episode, Pumpkin Patch, with some crazy rich partying planning. I really want to know if you can actually put out a fire with champagne, though I don’t want to test that myself. Someone call Myth Busters! Then we got a glimpse of the Chanels costume plans, I mean bereaved wives of assassinated US presidents is super niche, but super limited options there. I would totally claim Mary Todd Lincoln, don’t know why you’re so upset with that option Five, but to each her own. I think this was also the first night I saw the title sequence for the show, I don’t know if this was new and I’ve just accidentally skipped it during my dvr watching, but it was pretty cool. Continue reading “Pump, Pump, Pump It Up, In the Pumpkin Patch”