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Tangled: The Series (later renamed Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure) was developed by Chris Sonnenburg and Shane Prigmore and produced by Disney Television Animation. It premiered on March 24, 2017.

Season 1 Episode 1 is titled What The Hair?! Rapunzel (Voiced By Mandy Moore) and Cassandra (Voiced By Eden Espinosa) seek help from a wizard to learn the mystery behind her hair. Raps and Cass are in for a surprise when they meet the “wizard” Varian (Jeremy Jordan).

What The Hair was a great premiere and set the series on an exciting course for the season .

Here I highlight my Top Five Moments from What The Hair?!

5.     I’ve Got A Secret…But I Can’t Tell You Eugene


Cassandra urges Rapunzel not to tell anyone about their excursion outside Corona resulting in Raps’ hair coming back after touching the mysterious Black Rocks. Cass fears being sent to a convent if discovered she was the one who took Rapunzel outside the castle walls. Rapunzel doesn’t want to keep a secret from Eugene (Voiced By Zachary Levi), telling Cassandra “But Eugene is my boyfriend.”

Overhearing the women talking when he enters Rapunzel’s room, Eugene knows they are keeping secrets. He reminds Rapunzel she can tell him anything. Cassandra doesn’t think so “You have a big mouth” Cass says. “I do not. Name one time I blew a secret” Eugene counters indignant. What we see next is a funny montage of several times Eugene spilled the beans.

4.     “His Name Is Varian…Some Say He’s Dangerous”


Cassandra tells Rapunzel she knows someone who can help her learn all she needs to know about her hair. There is a wizard named Varian. But Cass warns Varian is feared by those in his village who are afraid of him and believe he’s dangerous.

This is foreshadowing as towards the end of Season 1, Varian becomes the kingdom’s biggest threat.

3.    Team Awesome

Varian geeks out when he meets his idol Flynn Rider. Like a true fan, he shows Eugene his Flynn Rider wall. Of course Eugene’s ego makes him happy to speak with a member of his adoring public. We see a humorous exchange between Eugene and Varian when the kid asks questions about Flynn’s escapades, believing Eugene actually had the adventures he’s read the Flynn Rider books. Having no patience, Eugene asks “Can someone please tell me who this child is?” “I’m Varian” the teenage Alchemist answers. However, Eugene changes his tune and accompanies Varian when the boy reveals he has a secret to share. “Did you hear that everyone..Varitas (Ha ha). A complete stranger wants to tell me a secret.”

Varian takes Eugene to the underground caverns where he shows him the machine he built with the intention of bringing hot water to his entire village. He even names his new chemical compound after his hero: Flynnnoleum.



2.    Old Corona Goes Boom

 Unfortunately, Flynnnoleum proves unstable causing tremors. Eugene tries to gets Varian to turn off his machines. But Varian views himself an expert and only agrees to turn down the settings. When the machine blows, Varian rushes to shut down the others. Eugene refuses to leave Rapunzel as Varian’s lab coming crashing down around them. Eugene is shocked when the magical properties of Rapunzel’s hair saves them from injury and exclaims “What the hair?!”

Cassandra rushes to save Varian from injury and he develops a crush on his warrior rescuer.



1.     Varian’s Introduction

When Rapunzel and Cassandra arrive at the wizard Varian’s home, they find his laboratory rigged with booby traps. A pink, sticky compound leaves them stuck where they stand.

A huge foreboding figure approaches them demanding “What do you want?!” Rapunzel explains she wanted to ask his help about her hair “Since you’re such a magic expert.” “MAGIC!!! I DO NOT WORK WITH MAGIC!!!” Varian shouts annoyed. When he removes the metal welder’s helmet, we see the wizard is actually a cute boy with big blue eyes, who explains what’s viewed as magic is actually alchemy. “But don’t sweat it” Varian tells them.

Great introduction for the character of Varian who became a fan favorite, as well as my favorite character.


What are your favorite moments from What The Hair?!

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